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College Overview

College Overview

GuangzhouPolytechnic of Sports, formerly known as Guangzhou Sports School founded in1973 and Guangzhou Sports Team founded in 1976, was renamed as Guangzhou WeilunSports School in 1996. In March 2004, it was upgraded to Guangzhou Polytechnicof Sports, the first full-time sports vocational college founded by GuangzhouMunicipal Government with the location in provincial capital, upon the approvalof the People's Government of Guangdong Province and the filing by Ministry ofEducation of the People's Republic of China, with its main tasks to trainhigh-level competitive sports talents who will win honor for the country andhighly qualified technology and skill-oriented sports talents who will meet thesocial demand.

The college islocated in the northeast part of Guangdong, adjacent to the Tianhe UniversityDistrict. Covering an area of 270mu with a total construction area ofschoolhouse occupying 17.9Ocurrently, it has national first-class and Asia's leading trainingvenues and facilities, and a modern teaching building, a library, studentapartments and comprehensive cafeterias, etc., as well as scientific research,medical, and other supporting institutions and facilities, which fully meet theneeds of the teaching and training. It is also a training base for national swimmingteam, fencing team, track and field team and wushu team. The college isequipped with a team of high-level qualified teaching staff with abundantfaculties, including full-time teachers and professional coaches. At present,it has 9 administrative institutions, 7 teaching institutions, 7 supplementaryteaching institutions, 1 affiliated institution and 15 project sports teams,with over 1700 students in higher vocational and technical colleges and over1300 athletes as students.

In the long-termrunning process, the college has formed the educational philosophy of"strengthened by talents, honored with gold medals and flourished throughcultures"; defined the school-running orientation of "focusing onGuangzhou, serving for the whole country and abroad, creating the nurture basefor elite sports talents, constructing the lifelong education park for eliteathletes and establishing the communication platform for multi-culture ofsports"; and established the school motto of "respect, goodness, truth-seeking,diligence", creating a campus culture characterized by sports. It has beenawarded with a lot of honorary titles such as "Group with OutstandingContributions to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games", "Excellent Groupfor 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games", "National Excellent Unit for AmateurSports Training in 2011" and "Second-class Group Merit in Guangzhouin 2012", etc. successively.

It has a profoundbackground for the training of competitive sports, with talents coming forth inlarge numbers. It has successively trained 21 world champions including YangJinghui, Yang Wei, Zhang Jiewen, Chen Xiexia, Yang Yilin, Zhang Yanquan and LeiSheng, et al., who have won the world champion for 96 items/time, and it hasprovided more than 1000 athletes to superior sports teams. It has been awardedas the "National High Level Sports Reserves Base" by GeneralAdministration of Sport of China for three successive periods.

Over the years,the college keeps continuously exploring a new way of "combination ofphysical training and teaching" of competitive sports talents training inthe new period, implements the school-running system of "unity of collegeand team", achieves integration of training, competition, teaching andscientific research, gives full play to the integral resultant force, andimproves the level of sport technology. By integrating athletes' sportstraining, knowledge learning and psychological development on a stage basis tosolve the problem of imbalance between athletes' cultural education andtraining competition in the process of athletes cultivation, forming the"Fourteen years of sports talent cultivation system" with connectionbetween the primary, medium and higher vocational education.

The collegefeatures distinct characteristics in intellectual elite education and rapiddeveloping. The college passed the "National Higher Vocational CollegesTalents Training Work Evaluation" by the Ministry of Education in January2010. Currently, there are "four departments and one division" andseven majors such as sports training, social sports, sports health care, sportsservice and management, marketing management, hotel management, golf and so on.All majors actively promote the talent mode of "combining college,government, industry and enterprise, educating by science and educationcooperatively", implement the education of "three certificates",i.e., "diploma + professional qualification certificate + certificate ofsports skill level", improve the overall students' professional ability andcomprehensive quality, the college has won welcome and warm praise from theemploying unit with the continuously improvement of talent training quality. Inthe last three years, the average employment rate of graduates was 96.94% forthe first time, and the rate for graduates to obtain the "doublecertificates" was 100%; it was established as the intellectualconstruction unit of the third batch of provincial demonstration highervocational college of Guangdong Province in September 2013. The collegedevelops actively the "top-up program" and international channels forrunning schools, promotes cooperation with Guangdong University of Education tocarry out the pilot work on the "Applied talents training project forreceiving junior college education for three years and undergraduate educationfor two years" of the major of guidance and management of social sports,preliminarily establishes the relationship of international cooperation inrunning schools with Finland Sports Business School and America SpringfieldCollege, constantly promotes the process of education internationalization forthe "top-up program" and sports vocational education.The college hasactively carried out the cultural exchange of sports both at home and abroad,and it is regarded as "the window for foreign cultural exchange of sportsin Guangzhou". The college has fully implemented the national fitnessprogram and the benefiting people by sports policy and offered physical fitnessservice with high level and high quality for the society. Meanwhile, it alsoconducts the undertaking of sports matches in state and provincial andmunicipal levels as well as the reception of citizens for physical exercise andtraining. It has established relationship in terms of cooperation and exchangewith more than 20 countries and regions of sports schools and athletic traininginstitutions including America, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, etc. During theAsian Games, it has received ministers of sports from 6 countries for visitsincluding Brunei, Bangladesh and Iraq etc. It has organized foreign specialistsand scholars in sports industry to come to give lecturesfor many times, earning high social awarenessinternationally, especially in the Southeast Asian regions.Today, thecollege has been centering on the decision deployment of "acceleratingdevelopment of modern vocational education" in China and the"country's central city construction" in Guangzhou, keeping to theconnotative development path with quality promotion as the core, establishingthe cultivation mode with the occupational demand as the guide, the practicalability cultivation as the key point and the industry-academia-researchstructure as the path, living up to the features of vocational college.Meanwhile, the college has also been greatly promoting the coordinatedevelopment of vocational education, competitive sports and social services,successively approaching to the goal of making it the "first-class school,champion cradle".


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