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Affiliated Sports School

Affiliated Sports School

AffiliatedSports School is an affiliate of the college, it undertake cultural educationfrom compulsory education stage to senior high school of college’s trainingbase sportsmen, even Guangzhou’s city training base sportsmen. The school ownsWeilun Teaching Building which has a total construction area of 6695㎡. It sets up library, experiments room andcomputer room to meet the teaching need in all its aspects

Affiliated SportsSchool has 1 Party branchsecretary, 1 president and 2 vice presidents. It sets up 3 departments (temporary)and 7 subject teams as follows: academic department, moral educationdepartment, teaching research department, elementary Chinese team, elementarymatch team, middle school Chinese team, middle school math team, middle schoolphysics and chemistry team, English team and politics team. There are 65teachers, including 6 senior professional teachers and 32 intermediated gradeteachers. The school sets up 12 grades from elementary school to senior highschool, and has more than 1200 students from city’s sports team.

The school values teaching as well as training, and it practicesdouble-professional teacher system. The students studying in classroom everymorning from Monday to Saturday, and they take training in the afternoon andstudying themselves in the evening. Every grade’s courses follow Guangzhou’s elementary schooland middle school standard. The school implements nine-year compulsoryeducation and senior high school diploma education. It organizes youthsportsman to take pare in Guangzhou’s Middle School Graduate’s Examination,National College Entrance Examination and Senior High School Graduate’sExamination. Graduates entrances ShanghaiJiaotongUniversity,SunYat-SenUniversity, BeijingSportsUniversity,South China University of Technology, SouthChinaNormalUniversity, JinanUniversityand other famous schools. The school also brought up a lot of high levelsportsmen and high quality sports talents, such as Yang Wei, Zhang Jiewen, LeiSheng, Liu Shiwen, Huang Guangyuan and many other Olympic champions and world champions.


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