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Teaching Affairs Office

The AcademicAffairs Office

The Academic Affairs Office(the Office of Constructing Provincial Model Vocational College) is responsiblefor college academic affairs under the charge of one director and two deputy directors.For many years, the Office has been focused on improving talent trainingquality on the basis of educational basic construction, deepened teachingreform through teaching management and promoted the deeper reform anddevelopment of college teaching affairs.

The mainresponsibilities of the Academic Affairs Office include: planning andcoordinating higher vocational teaching management, undertaking the work ofteaching work planning, coordinating, organizing and administrating, namely,teaching research and planning, professional curriculum construction, teachingoperation management, school register management, teaching research and reform,scientific research and International Cooperative Education. Centered on the collegeeducational goal, the Office ensures stable and orderly teaching operation and effectivelyimproves the educational quality of the college.

The Office ofConstructing Provincial Model Vocational College is affiliated to the AcademicAffairs Office, in charge of the construction of provincial model vocationalcollege and the educational evaluation. The Office of Constructing ProvincialModel Vocational College undertakes the work of task implementation, instructionand coordination, supervision and inspection, material summarizing, preparationfor inspection, etc.


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