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General Administration Office

The College Office (The Party Committee Office)

The CollegeOffice is to coordinate Party work and administration work. It also superviseimportant project. And it is also in charge of secretary, meeting, secrecy,date saving, reception, vehicle administration and other work.

(1)To be responsible forcollege party and administration work.

(2)To be responsible forcollege document processing.

(3)To be responsible forcoordinating and supervising college work.

(4)To be responsible for Partyroutine work.

(5)To be responsible forcollege party and administration meeting work.

(6)To be responsible forsurvey and information feedback.

(7)To be responsible forcollege communication and reception.

(8)To be responsible forcollege sealing work.

(9)To be responsible forcollege date saving and secrecy.

(10)To be responsible forcollege vehicle administration.

To accomplish other collegework.


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