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Finance Office

   FinanceOffice is the only financial institution of Guangzhou Polytechnic of Sports, and it is a functional departmentfor centralizing economic activity organization and administration under theleadership of college leaders. It is aiming at improving management level andservice, gradually establishing modern accounting management mode that issuitable for school’s features,expanding service functionsteadily and providing guarantee for school’s reform and development enthusiastically.    



These areFinance Office’s functions:

Enforcing“Accounting Law of the People’s Republic of China” as well as other regulations,carrying out the police of “separating revenue from expenditures” and auditingand supervising school’s economic activity; improving school finical managementsystem and setting up yearly budget by combining school’s general constructionaim and development plan; in charge of school asset management, preventing thelose of state-owned property and increasing asset use benefit and  economic efficiency; participating in drawingup school economic policy, strengthening the macro-control of school finance, arrangingcapital properly and raising capital utilization rate.          


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