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Communist Youth League

Guangzhou Polytechnic of Sports Communist Youth League

     GuangzhouPolytechnic of Sports Communist Youth League is the advanced youth organizationunder the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. It is the school for GuangzhouPolytechnic of Sports youths to learn and practice Chinese characteristicssocialism and communism, and it is the assistant and reserve of GuangzhouPolytechnic of Sports Communist Party and the bridge and link between the CommunistParty and schools youths.  

 Guangzhou Polytechnic of Sports Communist Youth Leagueorganizes 5 secondary Communist Youth League including college and affiliatedschool’s secondary Communist Youth League. It has seven departments: Office,Secretary Department, underthe leadership of the college’s Party Committee and superior’s Communist YouthLeague, Guangzhou Polytechnic of Sports Communist Youth League focus on college’smain work and the request ofsuperior’s Communist Youth League. It fully producesthe orgnization’s advantage well to serve youth’s growth conduct various kindsof school culture activities to enrich student’s life; it unites and leadsCommunist Youth League’s memebers to devote themselves to college’s reform anddevelopment.    


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